The Tellurometer Project


The Tellurometer Project investigates modes of communication and dialogue. It was initiated in 2011 by artists Helen G Blake, Joanne Boyle, Rachel Fallon, Raine Hozier Byrne, Laura Kelly, Joanna Kidney and Susan Montgomery..


The Tellurometer Project has been concerned with how a pre-formed, non-elective group might navigate a non-physical working space. The group has completed two cycles of a sequential call-response postal project investigating working in a collective non-space, within which we are creating our own curatorial framework. The third cycle is currently in progress.


Further interactions

From June 2014- Spring 2016 the project artists undertook a residency with LFTT Library at The Guesthouse in Cork to examine the potential interplay between a group of 7 interdisciplinary artists, a permanent site and the peripatetic element of the LFTT Library. This residency took the form ofmonthly short visits between June 2014-Spring 2015, generating new experimental work through synergetic process in a borrowed space.

In 2015 the project artists were invited by the Mermaid Arts Centre to interact/ respond to WASTELAND, an exhibition by Eva Eva Koťátková and Dominik Lang, a project curated by Tessa Giblin, during the running of the exhibition by post.

 The Tellurometer Project received a Wicklow County Council Arts Group Bursary in 2012 and has demonstrated the ability to collaborate in innovative and unusual ways. Each artist also has a successful individual practice.